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We are proud to be able to offer a variety of fruits for your family to enjoy picking together. Peaches, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, pumpkins and over 20 varieties of apples are among the fruits that you can look forward to selecting from our orchards before taking them home. When you arrive at Jeter Mountain Farm, one of our tractor-pulled wagons will take your family around our farm so that you can hop off at the orchard stop you desire. Our berries are sold by the pint, apples and peaches by the peck & pumpkins by the pound. Click below to view our U-pick Calendar and see when your favorite fruits will be available!


The journey from apples in our orchard to a half gallon of cider in your refrigerator is honestly not too long - and we want to be sure you understand exactly how it gets there. If you visit our Cider Barn on a pressing day, you will be able to watch as our cider is fresh-pressed right in front of you before it is bottled and put in our reach-in coolers for purchase. We are proud of our UV Treatment process, which kills any harmful bacteria that may be present and ensures its safety to be enjoyed by your family without altering the taste. Our cider is available to take home in half gallons and 16 oz. bottles, or to enjoy during your visit however you prefer: as a glass of fresh cider, a mug of warm, spiced cider or as an apple cider slushie. 


There's nothing quite like a warm apple cider donut, and we look forward to sharing our special family recipe with you. Step up to our outdoor donut window to grab a donut for both now and later, or come inside the Cider Barn to watch as the donuts are made. Great donuts start with great cider, and we have to admit this is one of our favorite ways to enjoy our cider. 


It is important to us that every member of your family loves their day at Jeter Mountain Farm - especially the little ones! From hay bales to old fashion tractors to corn boxes, our hope is that your children will want to steal a few extra minutes at our play area before heading home. 


There's something special about being on the farm during harvest season, and when it comes time to head home, we hope you can carry bits of your experience home with you. Apples butters, jars of pickles, garden salsas, hand made soaps and our favorite baking mixes are just a few of the products you can enjoy shopping for when you visit our Cider Barn. Additionally, we will have a variety of our apples bagged and ready to go for your ease!

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