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All that we have at Jeter Mountain Farm comes from the earth, so taking care of it is one of our top priorities. Practicing sustainable farming is our effort to protect the environment, as well as the wellbeing of our guests’ health, our local community, and animal welfare.

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Minimizing Waste

A large part of respecting our environment is minimizing waste. We do our best to let nothing go to waste here at the farm. When we press our apple cider, we have a large quantity of apple mash left over, and when we prune our trees we have a great deal of small branches. Both of these are ground up and utilized as fertilizer in our fields, which both minimizes waste and meets a need in our orchard.

UV Cider Treatment

We hope that all that we do here at the Jeter Mountain Farm promotes the health and happiness of the guests who visit, which is why we refuse to serve apple cider that has not gone through our UV Treatment Process. We take pride in our UV Process, which is how we guarantee that harmful bacteria is killed before your family consumes any of our apple cider products, making it safe to be consumed by both children and expecting mothers. UV Treatment safely ensures your family's health while preserving the cider's just-packed, fresh-pressed flavor. Standard pasteurization methods use heat to kill bacteria which alters taste.

Integrated Pest Management

When practicing farming of any kind, there are many “pests” that pose a threat to plants, such as weeds, insects and crop disease. At Jeter Mountain Farm, we use an integrated approach to suppress such threats in a way that allows for a healthy harvest while defending the environment and human health.

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