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Take comfort in knowing where your food is coming from, who is handling it, and that it will be available.

Internationally, fruits and vegetables are not under the same safety guidelines and regulations as we have in the United States, and with over 50% of store produce coming from across our borders, it can be hard to know what all has come in contact with your foods.

When fear rises in a community, often bare grocery shelves are one of the first symptoms. With Harvest Boxes you have your own personal crop in the ground and a local farmer working on your behalf. No longer worry if your family will have the produce you need from week to week.

Our family has over 160 years of farming experience, and we bring that expertise and high standard of quality to everything we grow. You can rest assured that you will receive only the highest quality of fruits and vegetables in your Harvest Box.


Call Jeter Mountain Farm home by registering to receive weekly Harvest Boxes and take the stress out of getting quality fresh produce onto your table. By signing up to receive Jeter Mountain Harvest Boxes, we plant and maintain a crop specifically for you and our in-house delivery team will bring your weekly Harvest Box straight to your door! Not only that, you'll receive periodic video updates from your farmers about how your crop is doing and what seasonal varieties you can look forward to receiving from month to month.

Your weekly boxes will contain a seasonal selection from over 20 different vegetables, fruits, squashes and herbs, all grown exclusively at Jeter Mountain Farm. The variety of produce you may receive can be viewed by clicking the button below.

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Have your own local crop.

Get updates about your crop from the actual farmers.

Skip going to the grocery store for fresh produce.

Quality you can know & trust.


Receiving weekly Jeter Mountain Harvest Boxes ensures that your

family will have fresh, local foods delivered to you each week.

Harvest Boxes are only available to residents of Henderson County and Brevard due to delivery routes.

When you register for our Harvest Box we plant and maintain a crop specifically for you. A selection of 7 or 8 different vegetables, fruits, squashes and herbs will be delivered in your box depending on what is in season out of the 20+ varieties being harvested on your behalf. We care for, grow, and harvest your crop as part of our own. For this reason, you must sign up for the entire 18 week crop cycle, and Harvest Boxes cannot be purchased individually. After you register, we deliver one bushel box full of seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs and squashes right to your door weekly!

A selection of produce you may find in your box can be viewed "here." The produce in each box will change throughout the season according to what is harvested each month.

To reserve your portion of the crop, fill out the reservation form below. Jeter Mountain Farm will only accept the first 150 reservations that are made.

Once you have reserved your portion of the crop, you will have the option of paying for your weekly boxes in full ($1,115) or in four interest free payments ($295 each). By paying in full, you will receive one free box. You will not have to pay at the time of making your reservation. Upon filling out the form, you will receive instructions for the next steps.

All produce in your box is grown exclusively at Jeter Mountain Farm. If for some reason weather, or an act of God, disrupts some of the growing schedule, a relevant local alternative may be used if necessary.

Register for Harvest Box
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